Friday, November 19, 2010

Which CPS Report to Use

Hopefully this will help teachers use the reports offered by CPS.

I want to know which problems my class (as a whole) struggled with:

Use Response Report. This will give you a report with each question and the percent that each possible answer was chosen.

I want to know how each of students did on a test overall:

Use Instructor Summary. This will give you a whole class report, listing each individual students overall percentage correct on the test, but no information on specific questions.

I want to have something to give back to students with the test questions and their answers:

Use Study Guide. This will make a lot of sheets of paper, and only really works if you have the questions typed into CPS, not just the answers.

I want to give my students a sheet that shows which questions they got wrong:

Use Study Guide - Incorrect Answers which will give you a report with only a student's incorrect answer. Study Guide - Class Summary will create a single sheet for each student with the student's choice and the correct choice.

I want a graph of my students choices:

Use the Question Report. Be careful though, because it also includes a page for each question that has their answers on it.

I want to know which students got a question wrong:

Use Question Grid Export. It will automatically export the the student answers to excel. The file will look like the student managed mode answer grid. If a student got the question right, there will be a + in the column, otherwise it will tell you their incorrect answer.

This document will now be updated as a google doc. Find it here. Right now only SLP teachers and staff can access it.

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