Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to link to PDF's (or other files) on an rschool website

Here in St. Louis Park Public Schools, we use rschool. While it does a great job of standardizing websites, it makes it hard to directly link to websites. Here are the steps to create a link (thanks Julie!):

1st. Copy the link (you have to right click on a PC or control-click on a Mac)

Here's my link that I copied:


As you can tell, that is not a correct url link yet.

2nd. Delete everything after the first .pdf. In this link that means the apostrophe to the semi colon.

Here's what I deleted:


3rd. Delete everything up to the /school###. In this case it starts with javascript and ends with ..

Here's what I deleted:


4th. Now you need to add the server name to the beginning of the link.

Here's what you have to add:


5th. Now you've got a working link. Here's what mine looks like:


Try it!

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